Logistics Department


Hudson receives either full truckloads or LTL shipments from either shippers or carriers for distribution to receivers who require LTL service to multiple locations. Hudson provides LTL distribution within the Hudson region – Minnesota and the surrounding six states. Unlike most LTL services, Hudson offers a refrigerated LTL service capable of handling both refrigerated and frozen products.

Every business has different needs, so we work with each customer to develop a custom service plan designed to meet those needs. We’ll handle your products any way you want.

  • Daily scheduled LTL service to the upper Midwest (Any size shipment, On-Time)
  • Weekly LTL and TL service to 48 states
  • Customized flexible schedules – Multiple Stop LTL and Truckload

Saving your money two ways

One, because we can usually combine the LTL shipments of multiple customers on a single truck delivering to your destinations, we can reduce the cost of delivering your shipments. You save money because you are sharing the total cost with others.

Two. because our logistics department has years of experience combining LTL shipments from many producers, and we take great care in truck and driver scheduling, we can minimize your costs. By constant attention to detail, we have also increased the efficiency of the office, routing and warehousing aspects of our business. In fact, by consistently improving our operating efficiency, we have often been able to avoid the rate increases you’ve come to expect from other carriers.

How does our LTL model work?

Your product can either be delivered to us by a linehaul carrier, or we can pick it up for you, either in full truckloads or by using our LTL service. In any event your product is normally brought to our completely enclosed and refrigerated staging area where it is unloaded, inspected and sorted for final delivery. If you need all or part of your shipment stored pending later delivery, the product will be warehoused for you in our refrigerated warehouse facility which can accommodate either refrigerated or frozen product. If immediate delivery is required, your product is promptly sorted along with that of other shippers into multiple-stop loads that are efficiently routed by our logistics department to reach your destinations on time, at the lowest practical cost. Our pickup/delivery drivers usually have set routes which they travel every day or several times a week, so the driver has an opportunity to develop a rapport with his customers.

Refrigerated cross-docking

Our huge staging area for shipment organization and re-shipping is completely enclosed and refrigerated. Loads are assembled and routed here for optimum efficiency, while the product is maintained safely at the prescribed and ideal temperature.