About The Company



Hudson started as a meat market in a convenience store in 1965. The grand opening that year included the Minnesota Twins Rookie of the Year, Tony Oliva, cutting the ribbon. Soon this store expanded to include a chicken distributorship (1966 – 1967) and growing to supply over 100 restaurants and carry-out facilities served by 7 trucks (1970).

In 1973 Hudson established its first warehouse in Bloomington, MN. It consisted of 13,000 square feet and from the beginning it operated with the traditional Hudson efficiency with quick turnaround and cross-docking of goods in both the refrigerated and frozen areas. This original warehouse is now used as back-up space for Hudson and customers.

Hudson became a foremost poultry broker/distributor within the retail trade, building the fleet to 12 trucks including the equipment to service fresh and frozen foods. The next level of expansion was to contact both manufacturers and retail stores, including grocery chains, and serve them with a 12-truck fleet (1980).

Following this progression, it was logical for Hudson to provide service to all the area grocery suppliers, Hudson converted and added to the fleet with 10 to 12 Tractors and Trailers, positioning the company as a “For Hire Cartage Service Co.” Hudson kept expanding by becoming the “Child Nutrition Distributor” for the state of Minnesota, gaining a reputation based on Hudson’s ability to organize and accelerate time sensitive quality services.

During the next few years, Hudson added the warehouse space to accommodate additional needs.

Hudson established a commitment to control costs and provide value added services in order to meet the unique needs of customers.